Mixing technology – efficient and economical

PREMA-SERVICE has been designing, manufacturing and servicing a range of agitators for diverse industries and requirements all over the world for over 50 years. We constantly strive to further develop our mixing technology in order to meet the specific conditions of industry, the customer and the environment to an even greater extent. Our comprehensive experience in meeting technical and economical requirements teamed with our extensive service in the area of mixing units have enabled us to form longstanding, trusting partnerships with our customers.

All PREMA-SERVICE side-entry agitators, extraction columns and static mixers comply with the highest expectations in terms of safety, efficiency, economic principles and environmental friendliness.

About tank mixers / side entry mixers

Where are tank mixers / side entry mixers used?

Tank mixers / side-entry mixers are used in refineries, in the chemical industry, in fuel depots and wastewater plants. The agitators are suitable for a wide variety of products including crude oils, gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, FAME (fatty acid methyl ester), vacuum residues, slop, fuels, chemical products, asphalt, bitumen, wastewater and food.

What are side-entry mixers used for?

The PREMA-SERVICE tank agitators / side-entry agitators are suitable for use in stationary large tanks. Here, liquids can be circulated in tank volumes of about 50 to 150,000 m3. The maximum tank heights are approx. 30m.

The following mixing functions can be performed:

  • Homogenize single and multi-phase liquid mixtures (e.g. fuels such as gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, chemical products, etc.)
  • Prevent sediment deposits (e.g. crude oils, wastewater, etc.)
  • Maintain constant temperatures (e.g. asphalt / bitumen chemical products etc.)

What kinds of products can be mixed?

In principle, all liquids and liquids with low solids content can be mixed. When mixing pure liquids, do not exceed a maximum viscosity of 1,500mPaxs and a maximum density difference of 200kg / m3.

Crude oil storage tanks can also be operated up to a viscosity of 1500mPaxs, but with a liquid phase density difference, such as water and hydrocarbons, of 300kg / m3.

What guidelines do the tank agitators comply with?

The tank mixers are built in accordance with the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC and the ATEX Product Directive 2014/34 / EU and are provided with the corresponding certificates of conformity and declarations of conformity. Additional requirements can be considered during construction.

Where can tank mixers be set up and operated?

Tank mixers can be set up in almost all outdoor climates. Ambient temperatures of -40 to + 60 ° C and operating temperatures (in high temperature applications) of up to 240 ° C are possible.

In which ATEX zones can tank mixers be installed and operated?

Ex area of ​​zone 1 + 2

What things should be considered when installing tank mixers?

PREMA-SERVICE agitators can be mounted easily and directly on the mounting sockets of the tanks. Due to the very short design – unlike our competitors – additional supports or suspensions on the tank are not required. We can deliver screws and gaskets along with the machines.

What is important to note for safe operation?

PREMA-SERVICE tank agitators are designed for long-term safe operation and have multiple security features. When circulating flammable liquids, the agitators only operate when the propellers are submerged in liquid.

What maintenance and repair work are required?

PREMA-SERVICE tank agitators are extremely robust, with all components designed for a very long service life. Maintenance is minimized by design and is very simple and easy to perform. For example, exchanging a mechanical seal or gearbox can be done directly on the tank without having to dismantle the agitator or empty the tank.

What are the advantages of PREMA-SERVICE agitators?

PREMA-SERVICE has been building tank agitators / side-entry agitators for over 40 years. Thanks to this extensive experience, our agitators offer a variety of benefits, including:

  • Small size and depth
  • Apart from the attachment to the nozzle, no additional suspension or support, with all the associated disadvantages, is necessary
  • Long service life
  • Long maintenance intervals and low maintenance (e.g. no replacement of drive belt)
  • Very smooth running
  • Low vibrations and oscillations
  • Low noise, quiet
  • Easy replacement of wearing parts
  • Modular system, meaning many identical parts shared between different power and frame sizes
  • Core components are proven proprietary designs available for the long term (e.g. mechanical seal, gearbox)
  • Special versions such as HT high-temperature version or LN extra low-noise version available
  • Extensive accessory equipment possible (vibration monitor, level sensors, temperature monitor, double mechanical seals in accordance with API Plan 52, 53A, B, etc.)
  • Project support with a permanent contact partner
  • Fast and customer-oriented service

How difficult is it to replace wearing parts?

PREMA-SERVICE tank agitators are designed with a service life of more than one inspection interval. Maintenance and repair work on the drive units as well as on the mechanical seal are possible when the tank is filled. The tank mixer is equipped with a stationary seal for this. Additional specialized tools are not required for operation.

Deliveries and shipping

We deliver our machines worldwide. We can of course arrange for you dispatch by truck or ship. PREMA-SERVICE agitators are delivered in wooden crates packed in sea freight for long-term storage, or on pallets and secured with shrink-wrap. The machines are always shipped on transport racks.

What is the power range?

The power range of our tank agitators is 1.5 – 55 kW.