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Agitator columns


These agitator columns have been developed especially for processing systems for fuel oils, heavy oils and crude oils. The extraction column is used for the gentle mixing of liquids. This can be achieved by defining dwell times, time-dependent reactions, e.g. dissolving salts.

In this manner, the oils are desalted with the use of a liquid-liquid extraction and purified by a subsequent mechanical separation. The product that is obtained can subsequently be used in power plant turbines or in diesel engines to generate power. As a result, no further processing steps are necessary.

This simple cleaning method for polluted oils offers the possibility to operate cost-effectively, according to specification-compliant power generation.

The available container sizes allow volume throughputs up to 50,000 litres/hour to be processed.

These agitator columns are available as standard in an explosion-proof design.

Over the last 20 years, numerous power stations, ships with diesel engines or gas turbines have been equipped with these extraction mixers.

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