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PREMATHERM heating systems

Within the scope of our PREMATHERM product group, we supply supplementary products for plant construction

  • Electrical trace heating
  • Heat-conductive paste
  • Heating plate for steam or hot water

All products/services can be ordered as part of a project (e.g. flare system) or delivered individually.

Electrical trace heating

Prema-Service plans, supplies and assembles electrical trace heating for pipelines and containers – even in hazardous areas. Depending on requirements, self-limiting heating tapes, single-conductor plastic heating cables or mineral-insulated heating cables are used. The temperature control is selected by the customer.

There is a wide choice of heating cables, installation and connection techniques; together with the specific insulation technology, a high operating safety and a long service life of the respective system is achieved.

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PREMATHERM heat-conductive paste

PREMATHERM heat-conductive paste is used to significantly improve the heat transfer between the heating medium (e.g. heating plates, heating cables) and the surfaces to be heated/cooled. It allows simple laying of heating pipes or plates and achieves a heat transfer that is comparable to complex double-jacket constructions.

PREMATHERM heat-conductive paste is available in hardened or permanent plastic in different packaging sizes.

Identification 650 NH/210
Max. temperature 650°C 210°C
Min. temperature – 200°C – 130°C
*Total heat transfer rate when heating k= ……… W/m²K 110–230 110–190
*Total heat transfer rate during cooling k= ……… W/m²K 46–110 46–110
Adhesive strength 1N/mm² remains plastic
Shelf life 1 year at 15°C 5 years
Water solubility Yes No
Condition hardened plastic

*These heat transfer rates are average values.

03 HS Waermeleitpaste

PREMATHERM heating plates

For container heating with steam or hot water, we supply heating plates made of steel or stainless steel with various connections and geometric shapes according to customer requirements.
04 HS Heizplatten

Example of use: Heating system with PREMATHERM

The double-walled PREMATHERM heating plate is manufactured according to the container shape.

Thanks to the tensioning strap, a simple and fast assembly can be ensured.

05 HS Zeichnung

PREMATHERM heat-conductive paste for this application does not harden. Irregularities are balanced so that there is an optimum heat transfer.

No thermal stress between the heating plate and the container wall. The expansion is absorbed by the elastic heat-conductive paste.


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