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Static mixers


Static mixers (in-line mixers) are used in all cases where optimum mixing is required at minimum cost. The static mixer operates as a pulsating mixing reactor (abbreviation: PMR). The pulsating mixing reactor is a continuously operating mixing unit installed in a pipeline, without moving parts and without the need for external power. The PMR consists of a tube casing with elements arranged one behind the other to divide the medium flowing through it. The products to be mixed with one another are guided together to the first dividing element and then divided into three streams. One of these streams passes through this element and the other two streams pass through it on each side. The number of divisions is now 3. In phase 2, each of these divisions is also divided so that the number of divisions is equal to 32. The final number of divisions therefore depends on the number of elements provided. Extra efficiency is achieved by the axial rotation of liquid streams as well as by the upward and downward movement and a slight oscillation pressure. All of these processes together produce a pulsation effect.
10 MT static mixer

Static mixers – designs

Materials: Casing and mixing elements made of steel, stainless steel, plastic
Dimensions: Nominal diameter from DN 25 to DN 1000 (connection in DIN or ASA or rectangular channel)
Pressure stages: Nominal pressure – PN 6 to PN 64
Temperatures: according to the materials used
Types of designs: Fixed mixing elements or removable mixing elements
09 MT staticmixer schema


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