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Service and spare parts – Mixing technology

Service for agitators and mixing units

Repair, servicing and maintenance of agitators and mixers

Agitators and mixing units are heavily stressed by continuous operation, aggressive media and environmental conditions. All components of agitators of the PREMA-SERVICE are generously dimensioned, so that a long life of all sub-components can be guaranteed. Wear parts like our double-acting or single-acting mechanical seal, as well as optional accessories must, however, be checked regularly and replaced if necessary.

Repair work on side entry, extraction columns of static agitators can be carried out by us on site and in our service workshop. A complete overhaul of agitators is possible within 1–2 working days.

Thanks to our experience, we know that even 40-year-old agitators can still be repaired. Please contact us and we will find a solution together that is suitable for your equipment.

Typical maintenance and repair work (extract) for agitators and mixers:

  • Overhaul, repair of mechanical seals including replacement on site
  • Overhaul of propellers including replacement on site
  • Maintenance and repair of gears and swivel devices
  • Additional mounting of additional devices and monitoring devices
  • Conversion from manual swivel operation to automatic swivel operation
  • Additional mounting of electric auxiliary heaters (column agitators)
  • Elimination of corrosion damage
  • Delivery of spare parts and/or components
  • Maintenance of third-party products (both the complete system and the component)
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Mr. Christian Zwermann | Sales / Engineering | +49 6003 46292-85 | Send an e-mail