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PREMAFLEX Pinch Valves PQVF metal design with flange connection

Standard PQVF pinch valves are available in nominal sizes DN 40 to DN 200. Our cost-effective standard pinch valves of the PQVF series consist of a grey cast iron GG20 casing with two clamping flanges, also made of grey cast iron GG20 as well as a highly elastic rubber sleeve with fabric inserts. The rubber sleeve is centred in the casing and is held by clamping flanges on both sides. Therefore, only four components and a few hexagon bolts are required for a fully functional PREMAFLEX pinch valve. In addition, the Prema-Service offers various casing and flange materials as well as sleeve qualities for a versatile range of applications.
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Details – PREMAFLEX pinch valve PQVF

Size:DN 40–200
max. operating pressure:4–6 bar
Valve casing:Grey cast iron GG20 or aluminium
Clamping flanges:
  • Grey cast iron GG20 (optionally rubberised or with stainless steel bushing)
  • Aluminium
  • Steel (optionally rubberised)
  • Stainless steel (V4A)
Sleeve:dependent on medium
Connection dimension:
  • Flange DN 40–150 in accordance with DIN 2633 – PN 10/16 Form C
  • Flange DN 200 in accordance with DIN 2632 – PN 10/Form C
Attachments:Control and monitoring units
PREMAFLEX pinch valves (PQVF/PQVI) premaflex-quetschventile-abschnitt2

Dimensions of the PREMAFLEX pinch valve series PQVF

PREMAFLEX pinch valves (PQVF/PQVI) 03_premaflex_pqvf_specifications

PREMAFLEX pinch valves metal design with internal thread PQVI

Our pinch valves of the PQVI series are available in nominal sizes DN 20 (G 3/4 “) and DN 25 (G 1”). The pinch valve of the PQVI series consists of a casing, two clamping pieces and two union nuts as well as a rubber sleeve. The rubber sleeve is centred in the middle of the casing and is held on both sides by the clamping pieces and union nuts. Therefore, only 6 components are required for a fully functional PREMAFLEX pinch valve. The valve can be installed in any position.
PREMAFLEX pinch valves (PQVF/PQVI) 04_premaflex_pqvi

Details – PREMAFLEX pinch valves metal design with internal thread PQVI

Size:DN 20 / DN 25
Overall length:DN 20 = 140 mm
DN 25 = 150 mm
Weight:DN 20 = 1.2 kg
DN 25 = 1.9 kg
Connection on both sides:Sleeve connection in accordance with DIN 228 (G)
DN 20 = G ¾”
DN 25 = G 1″
Sleeve connection material:Galvanised steel or stainless steel
Material of valve body:
  • DN 20: Grey cast iron GG20 or bronze (Rg 5)
  • DN 25: Bronze (Rg 5)
max. operating pressure:6 bar
Control air pressure:2–2.5 bar higher than operating pressure
Pilot air port:G 3/8″
PREMAFLEX pinch valves (PQVF/PQVI) 05_premaflex_pqvi_1


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