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Service and spare parts

Repair, servicing and maintenance

Our service is not limited to the delivery of a new flare system or new burners – we are there for you throughout the entire lifecycle of a plant. If you need to renew your flare system or your burners, adapt them to new conditions or need spare parts, we are the right skilled partner for you.

Flare systems

We supply all spare parts, refit flare systems, replace pilot burners, ignition systems, controls or MOL seals and flare heads – often for improved designs and at reasonable prices. We inspect defective parts first and choose the best method, repair or replacement for you.

Do you need to modernise your flare plant, increase capacity or adapt to new environmental conditions? We would be happy to advise you on site.

Does your flare need to be temporarily shut down or do you need a flare for a limited period? You can find suitable systems here



We supply spare parts for burners, replace nozzles, replace pilot burners or modernise your burners and replace them with new, modern, 1:1 compatible low-NOx burners. With high flexibility in development and production, we can adapt our burners to your furnace design and your needs.

Do you want a neutral inventory of the condition of your burners and a modernisation with low costs? We would be happy to provide you with an expert opinion, feel free to talk to our experts!



Dr. Norbert Kaiser | Sales | +49 6003 46292-70 | Send an e-mail

Mr. Ralph Franzkowiak | Engineering| +49 6003 46292-50 | Send an e-mail

Mr. Achim Schalk | Engineering| +49 6003 46292-54 | Send an e-mail