• Mobile flare systems and rental flare systems

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Mobile flare systems and rental flare systems

For non-stationary use for a limited period of time – e.g. when burning residual gases from tanks, during maintenance work or in the event of an emergency – PREMA-SERVICE offers two solutions: mobile high pressure flares for purchase or flare systems and combustion chambers for rental.


Since 1998, PREMA-SERVICE has had its own transportable flare systems and combustion chambers, which can be rented including personnel and all necessary accessories. Typical applications for our plants are

  • Degasification of storage tanks before and during a tank cleaning
  • Degasification of pipelines after damage/before repair
  • As a temporary replacement during the downtime of VRU/exhaust gas recovery systems
  • As a temporary replacement during the revision of high flares

Mobile rental flare systems can be adapted for gases of explosion groups IIA, IIB and IIC. Rotary fans are also available if required, which can also be used for suction extraction over large cable lengths of up to 200 metres. Through the use of special flame arrestor protection and the combination of further components, our customers’ systems are safely protected against damage caused by the exhaustion and combustion of the gases.

Among other things, light- to medium-heavy gases from products such as ammonia, petrol, benzene, blue acid, sewage gas, propylene and crude oil can be combusted safely. Special burner designs can also be used to burn contaminated residual gases with a concentration less than the ignition limit safely and with low emissions. The necessary support gas quantities are minimised by electronic controls.

Mobile flare systems are available in different sizes, also as small and cost-effective container flares. Container flares require little space and are therefore particularly suitable for systems or areas with narrow access routes. In addition, it is a self-sufficient flare system, which is self-aligned by means of hydraulics, so that no crane is needed during installation.


Mobile container flares

Performance: Up to 1,200 Nm³/hApplication: Degasification of smaller petrol and oil tanks or pipelines

Advantages: Low space requirement, installation also possible with narrow access routes

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Mobile standard flares

Application: Degasification of petrol and crude oil tanks or pipelines, downtimes.

Example of use: Downtime of a vapour recovery unit, mobile flare with 3 fans as a replacement. An unrestricted loading operation of tank wagons, tank trucks or tankers is possible.

Performance: available in various sizes up to 7,500 Nm³/h.

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Mobile emergency flares/high-power flares up to 30 metres high

Performance: up to 30,000 Nm³/hApplication: Replacement of stationary flares, e.g. during an overhaul/revision, so that no downtime is necessary.

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Mobile high-pressure flare systems

Mobile flare systems are mounted on a vehicle or a trailer, so that a complete, ready-to-operate and self-sufficient flare system can be quickly brought to locations that are difficult to reach. Such systems are necessary, for example to be able to quickly and safely burn gas from high-pressure pipelines (e.g. ethylene or other hydrocarbons) in the event of a fault. A typical system comprises a tracked vehicle with a hydraulically operated supporting structure, which is deployed at the site and on which a suitable flare head is mounted. A pressure-reducing station up to 100 bar as well as all ignition and monitoring devices are part of the system. No connection to power, compressed air or steam is necessary. With the use of special flare heads, a smoke-free combustion of ethylene, for example, is possible over a wide range.
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