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PREMAFLEX pinch valves – spare parts, accessories, service and special requests

Spare parts, accessories and service

Our extensive warehouse of spare parts and, if required, a cost-effective express delivery service, help to reduce the length of your system downtimes.

Various control and monitoring units, such as solenoid valves, pressure regulators with pressure gauges, pressure switches, quick-release air vents etc., are available for controlling our PEMAFLEX pinch valves.

The rubber sleeve installed in the valve is a wear part. This means it is necessary to replace this sleeve with a new one from time to time. Thanks to our well-stocked warehouse, we can react quickly and repair your valves and return them to you within a very short time.

Contact us. We are here to help you.

Special requests

We are also happy to assist you in the implementation of special and specific solutions. We are happy to help you with your special requests. Heated valves, valves with special flanges or valves with special coatings for permanent underwater applications, to name but a few examples, are all requests that we will gladly implement for you.

Our customers’ special requests

Sonderventil Flansch Rg7PREMAFLEX valve with special flanges made of Rg7
Beheizt 1PREMAFLEX valve with electrical heating and insulation
SonderflanschDN80DN125Special flanges DN 80/connection DN 125
VentilDN80 125PREMAFLEX valve DN 80 with connection flanges DN 125
P1050843 1PREMAFLEX valve with special coating for underwater use
01 premaflex service2PREMAFLEX valve with electrical heating and insulation


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