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Industrial burners


PREMA-SERVICE designs and supplies industrial burners for petrochemical plants. Our focus here is on the replacement of existing burners in order to achieve an improvement in burnout and the reduction of NOx and CO values.

In existing plants and furnaces, burners are often used that no longer meet today’s requirements for effectiveness, efficiency and environmental protection. For this reason, PREMA-SERVICE has developed new furnace burners that ensure an optimum use of fuels (e.g. natural gas, refinery gas and heating oils).

The design guarantees a reduction of NOx and CO values with the best possible burnout. PREMA-SERVICE’s industrial burners are “custom-made” to match the furnace and existing burner systems. As a result, all customer specifications are met regarding

  • Performance, fuel types, environmental requirements
  • Position in furnace from horizontal to vertical, also at any angle
  • Natural draft or pre-heated forced draft
  • Ignition and monitoring in all variants
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Standard burners

Conventional 1-stage burners with a round flame are available as gas burners for natural gas, as dual gas burners for two different gases (e.g. natural gas and refinery gas) or as combi burners for gas and light or heavy oil.


  • Custom-made also for replacing existing burners
  • High stability of the flame even under different operating conditions
  • Large control range up to 1:5 can be operated without problems.
  • Floor, ceiling or side wall design (up-fired/down-fired/side-fired)
  • Cost-effective construction
  • Compact flame
  • Sturdy air dampers controlled by gears
  • Can be adapted to the installation situation
  • Gas nozzle made of heat-resistant steel
  • Burner blocks integrated
industriebrenner1Image 1
Standard combi burner for forced draft

Low-NOx burners

PREMA-SERVICE low-NOx burners are an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to replacing older standard burners or for new furnaces. They are available with gasification for natural gas, as dual burners (e.g. natural gas and refinery gas) and as combi burners for two fuels (e.g. natural gas and oil). Due to the flexible adaptation to predefined installation situations, a 1:1 replacement of older models (also of third-party products) is possible without problems. Otherwise, they offer the same advantages as standard burners.

industriebrenner2Image 2
2-stage Low NOx burner for natural draught

Ignition systems and flame monitoring

All our burners can be supplied with pilots for ignition, with flame monitoring (UV sensors or ionisation) and automatic control. Pilots are available for many gases (from propane to hydrogen), with manual or electric ignition.

Hand-held ignition devices are available for manual ignition.



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